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Gaskets Style

OEM and MRO Gaskets
Standard Flange Gaskets
Gasket Material Selection Guide

Ring Gaskets for 150 lb ASME/ANSI Pipe Flanges 1015 
Ring Gaskets for 300 lb ASME/ANSI Pipe Flanges 1030 
Full Face Gaskets for 150 lb ASME/ANSI Pipe Flanges 1115 
Full Face Gaskets for 300 lb ASME/ANSI Pipe Flanges 1130 
Gasket Installation Procedures

PTFE Protected Gaskets
PTFE Envelopes  1200,1201
PTFE Bonded EPDM Rubber Gaskets 1250
Weather Stripping
Gasket Material Stripped

Weather Stripping - Neoprene Sponge Stripping with Adhesive Back 7402, 7402A
Commercial Neoprene 60 Durometer 7106 
Additional Material, Stripped
Vulcanized Extrusions
Joint Sealant
Real Seal® Joint Sealant  1400
Gore-Tex® Joint Sealant 1500
TOPOG-E Handhole and Manhole
Topog-e Gaskets Obround

Obround Manway
Topog-e Gaskets Elliptical Handhole

Elliptical Manway
Topog-e Gaskets Round
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